Sunday Classes

9.30-10.30am Body of Grace – Hatha Yoga with Kat
Class description: Brothers and sisters, you are all invited to join Kat’s sensitivity tailored deeply relaxing Hatha yoga classes. All levels are welcome! Inspired by classical yoga, Kat will take you through a rejuvenating sequence which will enable you to let go of the weeks tension. Yoga for health, confidence and peace of mind.
Perfect flowing balance of meditative movement and mindful relaxation.
Simple stretching and held asanas will build body strength and awaken your innate joy. Come and enjoy this safe space together and embark upon your journey of self discovery.
All enquiries are welcome. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.
TO BOOK: Tel: 07398497663
Instagram: @bodyofgrace_yoga
Booking is required.
Price: £30 for 5 classes or £7.50 drop in

Please book classes using the details below.